You and U

The fourth blog on vowels theme is about you. Not really you, but more about U. U is the symbol for “you” in chat slang. It is also a symbol for Union in mathematics. To stay in the science field, U is also a symbol for Uranium, a radioactive metallic chemical element.

When I was studying I didn’t know that U is supposed to stand for University? Did you? Or do you? While single guys are seeking X-rated movies, parents on the other hand are looking for U (Universal) rated ones.

If you are into Kosher, then you must recognize Ⓤ (U inside a circle), which stands for kosher certified products by Orthodox Union. Let’s stay with Kosher for a while. I have a few Jewish friends who try to observe the Kosher. How did you first hear of Kosher? First time I have heard of Kosher was in a youth hostel in Geneva, Switzerland back in 1999 where I met a guy who was panically stacking his locker with all different kinds of kosher foods. Naturally I was curious, coz most of the people would just store food in the fridge. But not him. It was kosher. It was precious. When passing the neatly arranged locker where people usually keep their valuables, I got my first kosher lesson.

What is Kosher? Word originates from the Hebrew word “Kasher,” which can mean “proper” or “pure.” A simple definition could be: Kosher products follow strict Jewish biblical laws with regards to the type of food consumed, the varieties of foods combined in one meal, and how meat is obtained and processed.

Let’s stay with U but move to entertainment. “U” is a song by Super Junior, released as a single in 2006. Super Junior (Korean: 슈퍼주니어) originates from South Korea. It consists of 13 members, which makes it one of the largest boy bands in the world. I have only heard of this band about 2 weeks ago when my better half asked me to transfer some of the K-pop songs to her mp3 player. Other band, also on her favourite list, is SS501 (Double S-Five-Oh-One). The number part reminds me of jeans, but for more knowledgeable would know that is stands for Super Singer, 5 members united as 1 forever. How sweet…

When doing some research about meanings of U, I came across U being a prefix of German submarines during World War II. To have some continuum in the story, I will remain with 501. U501 was the first U-boat sunk by the Royal Canadian Navy. The funniest part can be read from F.E. Grubb’s, commanding officer of H.M.C.S. “MOOSE JAW” report:

13. I ordered the 10 inch signal projector trained on it. This disclosed the crew on the upper deck. They appeared to be so demoralized that I did not believe them to be German and remarked to the navigating officer that they must be Italian.

15. I managed to go alongside the submarine, starboard side to, and called on her to surrender. To my surprise, I saw a man make a magnificent 9 feet leap from the submarine’s deck into our waist without even getting his feet wet.


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I see blogging as a welcome distraction from daily routine. It gives me freedom to express myself as well as motivation for some research before publishing the content.
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