It was back in 2004 when I had my first summer holidays after relocating to Finland. Destination: All 3 Baltic states (Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania) and 3 Nordic states: Finland, Norway and Sweden. My travelling experiences and impressions will be a topic of my future blogs.

Today I was wandering a little bit back in time to a shopping mall in Tallinn where I saw this nice selection of teas that I have never seen before. Most of the Finnish people I know would bring a truck load of alcohol from their trips abroad, but not me. From the 2004 trip I brought about 5 paintings, at least 5 T-shirts, and a whole lot of tea. In 2007 I moved. Some of the paintings are hanging on the walls, I do not wear T-shirts as much as I used to in the past and I drank most of the tea. But apparently not all of it. Today, during spring cleaning, which unfortunately lasted only about 10 minutes [I solemnly swear that I will try harder next year and make it last at least a day], I found this nice bag of tea. Packaging date: 23-July-2004.

The name of the tea is Florida. It has a deep red/pink colour and a fantastic, exotic taste. I liked the colour so much that I decided to write something about colours today.

First I was so intrigued by the colour composition of the tea that I simply had to find out what the name of the colour is. Easy! Google search. Keyword: Colour name. The best hit in my opinion was: And the name is Hollywood cerise.

Wake up with colours

Santa Claus bought me a Light Alarm Clock. If I really have to wake up I do it as close as possible to natural way, pampered by rays of sunlight (in my dreams of course, but LED light is as close you can get when outside is still dark) and sounds of nature. At first the colour is bright white and later turns to a rainbow of colours.

Start the day with colours

Toothpaste I use is the blend of three stripes of red, white and blue. Currently I am using bright orange shower gel. I really like red berry muesli. Wearing colourful clothes depends on the mood I am in. Usually I pay much attention to colour harmony. I say usually. When you go out for a party you want to stand out not because everything so elegantly matches, but for exactly the opposite reason. Wearing a bright red shirt with a dotted blue tie will undoubtedly attract attention.

Does weather have colour?

In Finland the weather is more or less the only topic of a small talk. And weather is usually dull. In winter it’s freezing cold and white. And by the way, winter can last up to 6 months. Before landscape is covered in snow, the weather is even duller – it is just windy, rainy and grey. Spring is usually very short, which leaves us with summer only. Summer is the most colourful part of the year, because weather is nice and people’s attitude to life changes. Summer can be describes as colourful, rich, vivid, vibrant, vivacious, pulsating, energetic…

Favourite colour(s)

I will close today’s flow of thoughts with my personal preferences. I cannot say I have a favourite colour. I do have favourite colours. They are black (because it’s a practical colour, since black clothes match with any other colour), blue (my favourite colour from childhood) and red (I am wearing red when bursting with self-confidence and also when having butterflies in my stomach).


About Sebastjan Brezovec

I see blogging as a welcome distraction from daily routine. It gives me freedom to express myself as well as motivation for some research before publishing the content.
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