What Noodles are to Asia, Pasta is to Italy

In Wednesday’s blog I started writing about Pasta and ended-up with Noodles. Today I will go back to Pasta and let’s see where my inspirations will bring me this time. During writing my Sunday’s blog I got an inspiration to prepare colourful meals this week.

What do Italy and Mexico have in common?

Italian and Mexican flag both look pretty much the same, with one exception; namely Mexican one has a coat of arms on the white (central) part. They are Green, White and Red. Three colours, or in Italian Tricolore. Let’s stay in Italy. I have seen many Italian restaurants offering starters of three selected dishes on one plate. A combination is called Tris. It comes from Three of course.

Let’s learn some Italian

I tried to search for “tris” in Google in English. There were no food related hits on the first page. Mhm? I do not really speak Italian, but I do know some words. Everybody knows Pizza, or FIAT, or Spaghetti. Next try was “tris ristorante.” Ristorante stands for Restaurant in Italian. I got 9 hits about restaurants called Tris and only 1 hit about tris that I was searching for. Next step was a bold one, for a non-Italian: “tris mangiare.” Mangiare is a verb and it means “to eat.” Now I got plenty of different combinations, tris made of pasta, salads, citrus fruits…

Back to Pasta

When mentioning Pasta most of us would think about Spaghetti, maybe ready to fill Cannelloni, or Lasagne sheets, or already filled Tortellini. Not so many would think of Gnocchi. Gnocchi belongs to the big family of Pasta and is made of flour, eggs and secret ingredient – potato.

Gnocchi are soft dumplings (=cooked balls of dough). They are best served with simply with butter, green pesto or red pesto. Now you probably already see where I’m hinting.

Today’s recipe – Gnocchi pesto tris


Green pesto
Red pesto
Pinch of salt


1.       Cook gnocchi until they float on the water. Usually a minute or two. Drain.
2.       In a pan melt butter and add 1/3 of gnocchi, mix well.
3.       Mix another third of gnocchi with green pesto.
4.       Mix last third of gnocchi with red pesto.
5.       Combine on a plate in a nice Italian/Mexican flag colour style.

Buon appetito!


About Sebastjan Brezovec

I see blogging as a welcome distraction from daily routine. It gives me freedom to express myself as well as motivation for some research before publishing the content.
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