Wor(l)d Travelling

This is a big step into unknown. Leaving Food, my favourite topic, behind and stepping out of the kitchen exploring the world in words. Searching for today’s inspiration I stumbled upon quotes that I really liked and decided to build a story around them, based on my travel experience.

Why buy good luggage? You only use it when you travel.

I wasn’t even two years old when I first time flew. And until age of 35 my luggage was never lost. There were years when I was in the air once a month and it never happened. But after I lost my “lost luggage virginity,” it started to happen at least once per year. Whenever I travel I’m already equipped with extra set of clothes and essential toiletries in my hand luggage, all in bottles of a few millilitres and as light as possible. Not really being a supporter of conspiracy theories, I would like to get to the bottom of it. First time that luggage was delayed was because it was broken. It is almost a basic rule that trashed suitcases will always be “misplaced.” Imagine picking a cracked suitcase off conveyor belt at the airport. You would immediately go flight operator’s counter and report it. If your luggage is delivered to you with two days delay, you are so happy to see the missing piece that you will most likely not pursue the claim. Also the process is so complicated that you will very likely quit before you get anything. Second reason for deliberately lost luggage is that it earns a living to so many people. There is money behind lost luggage and milking it from flight operators is a lucrative business for airport operators and luggage handling companies. To return to the title, buying a sturdy suitcase gives you more chances of getting your luggage delivered together with you to your flight destination.

Kilometres are shorter than miles. Save gas, take your next trip in kilometres.

In 2004 we did a mammoth trip around northern Europe in about three weeks. In a small Renault Kangoo we travelled around Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Finland, Norway, and Sweden; altogether around 6.000 kilometres or roughly 3.700 miles. I still have a message in one of my old phones I got from Maya about the magnificent mileage we did together. Unfortunately we were not really saving on gas, since something went seriously wrong with a car and we were using too much gasoline, the whole car smelled like a petrol tank, until the car finally broke down. Why did it have to happen in Norway, one of the most expensive countries in the world? Probably there was a reason. We had a chance to see a beautiful town of Tromsø, which we would have easily skipped.Trip 2004

Trip 2004: 6.000 kilometres, 6 countries, 6 capitals

Living on Earth is expensive, but it does include a free trip around the sun every year.

Usually we tend not to see certain things that are surrounding us every day. A person visiting my town could notice that beautiful old stone church, or enjoy a view of the lake from ice age ridge, or relax in pristine nature just a short walk from town centre or pay only handful of Euros for a genuine Finnish sauna experience together with swimming in ice covered lake. Every town has some freebies, but we usually don’t see them, because we want to go to that expensive amusement park, take a lift to the observation tower, ‘coz it’s fancier and you can also share a photo on Facebook with you and the local tourist attraction. What I’m trying to say is that you can make your life as a tourist pretty inexpensive if you just open your eyes and look for the cheaper alternatives.


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I see blogging as a welcome distraction from daily routine. It gives me freedom to express myself as well as motivation for some research before publishing the content.
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